I've fussed around with imagery forever, sketching cars and birds as early as I can remember. The first "real" artwork I remember making was when I was about 10, a pencil portrait of my great-grandfather (age about 105 at the time) drawn on lined notebook paper. I stopped drawing in high school after my art teacher told me I wasn't as talented as my brother. I picked it up again during my short lived career in experimental theater (you can see some ink portraits from that time in Drawings). Since then, I've played with photocopiers and computer-manipulated photographs, which you can see in Teachers & Gurus, in Scribbles, in Words, in Eyes, in Mugshots, and in Friends & Family. A few years ago,I started freehand drawing again, and took up painting too, so some of that stuff is in Pastels, in Drawings, in Acrylic Paintings, in Eyescapes and in RiseUP. Enjoy!